Hour of Slack Tribute Episode Thanksgiving Treat

Rev. Peas writes:

Please enjoy this Hour of Slack Tribute Episode Thanksgiving treat made by you! As a thank you to Stang for the gift of 40 years of The Hour of Slack. A Fidd Chewley n’ Peas production. It’s going to replace Alice’s Restaurant as a Thanksgiving tradition.

Loading slow? It’s more than an hour, maybe try this download. You owe money to “Bob” anyway.



  • Rubix Pube
  • Rev Error
  • Anna Maul
  • Dr Brujaja
  • Rev Chip
  • Dr Billy
  • Dok Cosmac
  • Friar Quazar
  • St Inkfinger
  • Dr Hal
  • Dr Fortyseven
  • Dok Ellis
  • Saint Andrux
  • Dr Shoggoth
  • Nenslo
  • Onan Canobite
  • Pastor Pressure
  • Sandy Boone
  • Processed, Instant God
  • Apostasy X Fnord
  • Caller 23
  • Argus Q Faux
  • Papa Joe Mama
  • The SubG Kids
  • Rev Funnyname

Produced by Reverand peas
Edited by Fidd Chewley

All names are [sic]